4 pack THC Liquid Refill bottles- Fruit Flavors

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The lemon haze strain has three flavors: Lemon, Citrus and Sweet. Its psychoactivity can range from 12 to 25%. This strain caries a distinct citrus scent of the lemon. With 70% sativa content, it is best taken in the afternoon as users will feel sedated but also relaxed and energetic. This is an excellent strain to be consumed late afternoon before a party night, as it gives the energy required to enjoy a long night. However, when it is taken at night, it will make the users feel drowsy and hype. The effect of this strain creeps high after a few minutes, which enhances the mood and creates a positive thinking. Users also will have an improved cerebral activity that induces creativity. Since it gives an energetic feeling, users can indulge in light household activities. It is great for those looking to enjoy a moment of passion and intimacy.

Medicinal benefits

One of the most notable traits of this strain for medical purpose is its ability to improve mood. It is often the choice of those suffering from depression and stress. It helps users to focus better and have a presence of mind. Those who are having attention deficiency can turn to this strain to help them focus on one task at a time. It also eases nerve pains. However, this strain should be consumed with care if one has low THC tolerance.


It has the typical dry mouth and eyes effects. When taken in a high dosage, it can lead to a loss of presence of mind and users will feel drowsy. It will make users lazy and feeling couch-lock. Those who could get panic easily should not consume the lemon haze strain.


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