Alien OG – Delta 9 THC + CBD Vape Cartridge


Wanna feel like an unidentified flying object? Puff your way into outer space with our Alien OG Delta-9 + CBD Vape Cart! Don’t worry, the only probing happening will be you probing your deepest inner thoughts.

This heavy-hitter hybrid is a real next-level strain! It’s not for novices or beginners. The potency of Alien OG has consistently been rated in the top ten among all strains! Take it slow, it’s a long journey – the high can last almost three hours. That’s a long haul!

Alien OG is an indica-heavy strain descended from crossing Alien Kush with Tahoe OG. Dig in far back enough in its heritage to find traces of Afghani, Thai and Nepalese origin.

Alien OG’s terpene profile is dominated by Myrcene, followed closely by Alpha Pinene and Beta-Pinene, with just a touch of Limonene. Bringing up the rear is a whiff of Caryophyllene and Humulene.

That complicated mutt of a mixture means you’ll recognize the familiar, earthy lemon and pine  colliding with herbal, peppery fragrances.

Alien OG will send you on a psychedelic mind trip! Or is it give you an intense body high? Or coax you into a dreamy state of bliss? Oh yeah – it’s all three!

Like a child imagining an epic quest, Alien OG will have you ready to take on the world! Or feeling like watching your favorite cartoon while munching and crunching your favorite bowl of cereal. Don’t forget the milk – you’ll need it for the cottonmouth! You won’t just be hungry, you’ll be giggling your way to the brink of euphoria!


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