OG KUSH – Bearly Legal THC-O Vape


iKrusher CALIBR PRO Tanks tend to deliver a rich and consistent flavor, as do our Ceramic Carts but without any issues of leaking or clogging. Our THCO and iKrusher Calibr Pro Tanks work perfectly together, they are one of the highest quality tanks on the market, and deliver optimal flavor and consistency. You will not be disappointed!


OG KUSH – Bearly Legal THC-O Vape Tank

Buy THC-O Cartridges Online Denmark Bearly Legal has just gotten a whole lot better! Introducing our new THC-O Vapes range. Our THC-O is made entirely of hemp and, like Delta-8, provides an excellent experience… THC-O, on the other hand, is known to be substantially stronger, with a much higher potency and slightly distinct physical and mental effects. So proceed with caution!

We’ve chosen to provide various alternatives to our Ceramic Tanks, which we believe perform best with Delta-8 or a combination of D8 and THCO. Because THC-O-Acetate has a very free-flowing viscosity, we’ve discovered that the iKrusher CALIBR PRO Tanks, like our Ceramic Carts, give a rich and consistent flavor without leaking or clogging. Our THCO and iKrusher Calibr Pro Tanks complement each other nicely. Buy Delta 8 Gummies Online Australia

THC-O Tank Features

  • Holds 1ml (1 Gram)
  • iKonic Ceramic Technology
  • Medical grade Borosilicate glass tank
  • Lead-Free Copper center rod post
  • Upgraded mouthpiece design to allow for maximum air-flow
  • Should be noted that the additional pictures make it appear the base and mouthpiece trim is dark metallic. They are more like a chrome finish in person.

Buy THC-O Cartridges Online Denmark

Consider using a product that mixes THC-O with the milder Delta-8-THC for a more balanced, therapeutic experience. Our THC-O + Delta-8-THC vaporizer is available in three strains (indica, sativa, and hybrid) and gives a more balanced lift that appeals to beginning users and those seeking a softer high.

How to Safely Use a THC-O Vape Cart

After you’ve done your research to find a safe THC-O vape cart, you’ll need to know how to dose correctly to have a positive THC-O experience. Remember that THC-O is approximately three times stronger than typical THC products, so you may need to reassess your dosage threshold and when you dose, even if you are familiar with traditional THC products or other hemp-THC products such as Delta-8.

Here’s how to begin using your new THC-O vape:


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