Banana Kush – THC-O Acetate Vape Tanks – 1ml

  • Strain: Banana Kush
  • Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid
  • Terpenes: True Terpenes Banana Kush
  • Flavor Notes: Banana, hints of tropical fruits, fresh and fruity
  • Effects: Euphoric, energizing, the most popular strain for elevating one’s feelings
  • About THCO: THC-O or Delta-8-Acetate, tends to deliver an Indica-like effect that can almost overpower the synergy effects from different terpenes. THCO is very body heavy and super relaxing and it may outweigh the Sativa effects from certain terpenes.
  • Anecdotal THCO Notes: It should be noted that we have recently begun to notice a trend with THC-O which we are not quite sure of the reasoning or mechanism behind it. But for a very small % of people, around 3%, THCO has little to no effect. This may be due to high CBD levels or other genetic reasons. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we are seeing the inverse reaction. Around 3%of people, THCO produces very powerful, almost psychedelic effects. For the rest of the 90%, it works the way it should with a very strong and potent (but delayed) onset.


Buy THC-O Vapes Germany Introducing our new THC-O-Acetate Vape Tanks, which are uniquely filled in G.SiX True Ceramic Tanks.

The mind becomes more awake and innovative as the initial wave of wonderful relaxation rolls over you. The mental benefits will provide you with plenty of energy to finish your workday or play with pals at night. The perfume is delicious enough to linger on everyone you meet; it’s like walking through a field of ripe bananas.

Kush (Banana)THCO Vape Carts are a fantastic strain that can bring respite from the stresses of the day. Its balanced effects can excite or comfort you depending on your mood. Banana Kush is a 50/50 hybrid produced by mixing Skunk Haze with Ghost OG. Buy Pre-rolls Online Greece. Customers appreciate the silky texture with hints of banana and other fruit flavors. The tropical aromas linger longer in the aftertaste than almost any other strain I’ve tried.

If you’re a new consumer, this is a fantastic strain to start with because it provides enough of a high without overwhelming you. This is a highly effective strain for treating insomnia. Buy HHC Gummies Online Australia

Buy THC-O Vapes Germany

This strain has a sweet and fruity scent that users enjoy. The fragrance of banana and other fruits lingers longer in the aftertaste than almost any other strain I’ve tried. As a result, Banana Kush is ideal for those who want to enjoy the strain’s benefits without having to wait for them to fade fully.

Banana Kush is an excellent sleep aid. It produces a powerful but not overpowering high, making it ideal for those who have trouble sleeping. The strain can also be used to treat chronic pain, which makes it a popular choice for patients who are experiencing or recovering from a flare-up. Blue Dream Strain


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