Headband – Delta 9 THC + CBD Vape Cartridge


Iconic is an understatement when you’re talking about Headband. Descended from a long line of cannabis royalty, Headband boasts a reputation as one of the strongest strains of all time. Our Delta-9 + CBD Headband Vape Cart will make it feel like the first time every time.

Why is it called Headband? Because this strain wraps around your brain! Appropriately, it kind of feels like you’re wearing the crown of the Royal Family.

Crossed from elder state strains Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Master Kush, this sativa-heavy descendant has a sixty-forty sativa to indica ratio and will exceed even the highest of expectations!

This creeper bud hits hard but not harshly. It’s got great pull, providing a meltier than ice cream in the Sahara Desert effect while turning you into an animated Disney character. Which one, you ask? Why, Goofy, of course! You didn’t guess?

Pleasant is an understatement regarding the mouth-watering flavor, which is succulent and leaves a sweet aftertaste. Smooth, creamy, and pungent are just three more of the many adjectives you can use to describe the indescribable flavor of Headband!

Terrific terpenes like myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene lend this strain an earthy, citrusy, fruity flavor. Your tongue will recognize tangy lemon, a slightly sweet and sour sensation, and hints of spicy pepper and cinnamon. You’ll know the headband by that familiar aroma of classic Diesel.

Headband can be described as ‘almost perfect’. The buzzy effects range from relaxing to creative to euphoric. You will feel chilled, fulfilled and productive. Gentle inspiration will strike as you watch others talking in a movie or hear yourself talking to friends. Headband never disappoints, in social situations or chained to your couch.


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