Maui Wowie Vape Pen – HHC – Disposable – Buzz – 1800mg

Product Info

Are you looking for something better than awesome? Something that feels new and exciting? Feeling good is alright, but you need something more. You need a buzz! And there’s no better way to get buzzed than with Buzz! Be sure to get the Buzz HHC Disposable Vape Pen in Maui Wowie — it keeps you buzzing all day long!

With our buzz, you’ll feel like you’re on the next rocket ship to Saturn’s rings! It’s a buzz that lets you feel like you’re taking a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind! Buzz will shake you to your very core! With this HHC vape pen, you’ll be able to enjoy a buzz wherever you go!

The Buzz HHC Disposable Vape Pen in Maui Wowie has been third-party tested for safety and effectiveness, so you can be sure to get a product that will meet your needs. No synthetics or Vitamin E Acetate have been used in making our pens, so grab some Buzz today and find your inner happiness.


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