Skywalker OG Cartridge – HHC – Buzz – 900mg

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Ready to reach for something new? Something better than good? You want a mind-bending buzz! And there’s no better way to get a buzz than with Buzz! With the Buzz HHC Vape Cartridge in Skywalker OG, you can experience the best buzz around!

Whether you’re in the US, the UK, or down under in Australia, you’ll enjoy a strong, reliable buzz. This Buzz is so good and will make you feel like you’re shooting for the moon! We guarantee a rockin’ buzz no matter where you are!

Our Buzz HHC Vape Cartridge in Skywalker OG is third-party tested for safety and efficacy, so you know you’re buying only the best. Our carts contain only pure, hemp-derived HHC and have no synthetics or Vitamin E Acetate. So grab some Buzz today and enjoy something more than happiness — enjoy a Buzz!


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