Purple Urkle – Delta 9 THC + CBD Vape Cartridge


Purple Urkle is a strain buried in obscurity. Due to breeder secrecy, the true genetics of this balanced, indica-leaning strain remain unclear. Which makes it kind of exciting!

What is known is that Purple Urkle is definitely descended from Mendicino Purps and was first bred in Mendocino County. Some say there’s some granddaddy purp in there. Others swear it’s the Grape Ape in there. Could be both!

Estimated to have a 70:30 indica to sativa ratio, Purple Urkle is invigorating, although without the typical sativa energy burst. This strain’s reputation precedes it: Purple Urkle is a two-hitter quitter. But don’t let us stop you from taking a third! Or fourth. Or…you get the idea.

Need to unwind? Purple Urkle is the perfect strain to calm your mind after a hard day’s work. Purple Urkle is relaxing and euphoric. Spacey and cerebral. Maybe you’ll also feel a bit hungry, then sleepy.

Sniffing the scent alone leaves you buzzing with anticipation. Purple Urkle is well-balanced and easy on the taste buds with a complex flavor palette. Berry, grape, plum, skunk, and tropical fruit are some subtle hints you’ll pick up. Sweet stuff, like a spoonful of fruity pebbles.

Terpene profiles in Purple Urkle include myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene, providing an earthy musky, grassy quality that’s thick and sugary, like a soda.


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